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We are a family owned and operated business. We have been maintaining web sites since 1996. We believe strongly in the merits of honesty and dependability. We work hard to provide great service and meet your needs.

The Model We Use

We are hands on real people, not a series of automated robot sites that cost a lot and offer limited choices.

• All the pages are safe from unauthorized tampering.

When unknown individuals have the ability to edit files on the server then they also have the ability to place dangerous or damaging code on pages that can harm competitors or harm page visitors. We don't allow unknown individuals to edit files on the server. We do the edits ourselves and inspect the text and images submitted to be placed on the server.

• You have a real person to get things done and colaberate with.

We are available by email and if you register your site we will also be available to set up a consultation by phone. Two heads are always better than one. You don't need to be a expert programmer or have all your images or ideas in perfect print order. We can use your instructions and work together to complete your site. Working with us is like working with any coworker that cares and wants to help.

• We know you have things you want to say and let your customers know.

We will work with you at a reasonable rate to get your message accross. Your not just a account number to us and we won't treat you that way. If you have adjustments or pictures to add we will work to make it what you want to the best of our abilities. See something you like somewhere? Let us know the address and we can have a look for color schemes or page ideas.

You have probably come to this page because you already have a sample site on the server. We create these sample ad supported sites that point back to your buisness so you can have a web presence and to reach out to you and let you see whats possible. In 1992 we payed a lot of money to get a business we owned on the web. This was a tedious process. We want you to know having a page is easy and we will take care of the technical details and that lets you take care of what you do best. Serving your customers.

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